Retirement Workshops and Live Events

Educational events that help you transition into retirement

Retirement Symposium

Our largest retirement-focused event of the year. This all-day event is entirely focused on helping people plan for a successful transition into retirement. If you are thinking of retiring in the next 5 years, the Retirement Symposium was designed with you in mind.

Social Security

If you've worked hard and saved for retirement, but still plan on using Social Security to fund some of your retirement, knowing the ins and outs could mean tens of thousands of extra dollars.

The Art of Retirement

If you've been saving and are nearing retirement, come learn what research has shown the happiest and most resourceful people have done exceptionally well in the lead-up to retirement. At this once-a-year event, we're going to share with you a number of key tools, examples, and resources that today's savvy retirees are using to retire better.