4 common planning mistakes couples make

Yes, a couple is made up of two individuals. But as the two of you plan for retirement, you need to be thinking as a duo – not as separate people. We explain why this ‘team approach’ is so important and reveal the biggest missteps to avoid.

5 retirement planning must-dos for single people

If you’re single, that means all of your retirement planning will fall squarely on one person’s shoulders – yours. We share 5 of the key pieces of the planning puzzle you can’t afford to overlook.

Close to retiring? Beware of student loan debt

A growing number of pre-retirees in the 50-and-over crowd are facing a new kind of financial burden: student loan debt. Allworth Co-CEO Scott Hanson explains what’s behind this new trend… and offers a few words of caution if you’re thinking of signing on a dotted line.